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Re: Fuji jpegs are lovely

Michael Berg wrote:

I'm talking about the power of post processing on an individual raw file and the decisions we make on each file that is optimal for that file. Decisions like how much to lift shadows or take down highlights. What corrections to apply and where. How much vibrance, clarity, saturation or contrast to add and where. One of the biggest of all decisions is temp and tint, and I almost always change it some from what the camera thinks is right. The tone mapping and work on the curve can be fine tuned for the image.

Sure, you have a lot more flexibility in a generic raw converter as far as controls and options go. The thing is, to be brutally honest, I'm not crazy good at adjusting photos. I push the shadows up too far, I pull the highlights, I add a control point to the tone curve in an attempt to achieve some effect. In the end I rarely end up with something as pleasing as the OOC jpegs. I tend to go "blind" while I edit, losing track of what was good about the image in the first place. The camera will typically do a better job in a few milliseconds than I can in a few hours.

Ha!  That sounds awfully familiar.  When to stop is the question.   Do it enough, and that comes in due time, but the passion to spend the time is necessary to want to  do it enough.  [g]

Often I'll work  an image,  and look at it a few days later - and shudder.  But then I  know better what I want out of it.  OTOH,  I feel that often there can be a few different 'expressions' that can be had from some compositions/exposures (at least a color and B&W).  

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