Where is the mark on the polarizer supposed to be?

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Re: Why do we need a mark?

Dem Bell wrote:

Bob wrote:

Dem Bell wrote:

petrochemist wrote:

Bob wrote:

I just turn it until I like the result.

IMO this is the only way.

Most manufactures seem to agree with this. Looking at the B&H website, it is mainly Hoya and Marumi who are using this mark. Tiffen, B+W, Singh-Ray, Sirui and many others do not bother.

Heliopan is an interesting one - they put lots of numbers around the rim: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... so you can note the orientation of the filter just by looking at it.

That's a variable ND filter, not a polarizer, so the marks indicate light reduction, not orientation.


No, I am talking about Heliopan polarizers. This one has numbers running from 1 to 26:


105mm is typical of the size used with front mounted polarizer with a filter holder. With NDs and GNDs mounted you need that reference. You can't see through the filters to double check. You need that reference point even with screw-on ND filters.

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