To Wide Zoom, or not to Wide Zoom?

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Flexbility of Wide Zoom

thiefofpresence wrote:

ronscuba wrote:

I think of the very wide zooms 12-24 and 14-24 as specialty lenses meant for interior real estate or unique distorted shots like skateboarding. Useful if I was a paid real estate or sports photographer. Otherwise it is too specialized for me.

Frankly if the use case was that specialized, then a 14mm or 12mm prime might be more the ticket.

But theses zooms have a range, and therefore kick in value across the focal length spectrum they offer.

I agree to that. The flexibility is wonderful.

With Sony's 4/12-24 G, I've often been in places where there isn't much room to maneuver.

I'm on a boat dock to get a wide view towards the far shoreline

A slight turn to frame the mountain with reflection

Zoom is handy indoors also

Wide is useful in nature photography for getting in close to foreground elements and also including background for context.

Another instance where I could not back up much farther

For architecture, often I'm limited in being able to move around, so wide is necessary.

- Richard

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