Least expensive camera for timed exposures?

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Re: Least expensive camera for timed exposures?

Ned88 wrote:

PhotoTeach2 wrote:

I am not sure if you saw it, but the FZ-1000 can be preset to 30-seconds, but if using "B", it will go to 60-seconds before shutter automatically closes.

The D3xxx has such limited options/features, I never recommend it unless you specifically require the larger sensor, or budget is the only priority.

How common is it for these cameras (in this $500 USD range) to be capped at 60 seconds (i.e., not have the feature "however long you hold the remote down")? Does the Nikon D3500 have "however long you want?" (I understand it's limited in other ways. I'd have go into meth-tweaker mode to weigh all that. I'm not looking forward to that.).

Maybe 60 seconds would be enough for me. It's hard to say without actually doing it. My experience last night with 15-seconds on the Canon SX620 makes me nervous about having a limit. But, I can see how a ful-size'ish camera's sensor and glass would be no comparison too.

I suppose I could spend $1000 USD. I'm not broke. I just hate to go that deeply into something for a camera I might not use a lot. I imagine a $500 camera would meet my needs for a long time. The way technology advances, I could be better off with a starter (or the FZ-1000) and upgrade later if/when I need to. (This is the kind of stuff I hate to weigh. It becomes mentally exhausting.).

What effect are you trying to achieve?

I can't compare a 2 second exposure to a 60 second exposure without ND filters and in a static shot, they would be nearly identical anyway.

3 stops from 60 seconds is 8 minutes. That's a long time, even for light painting.

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