Color profiles, engineering or art?

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Erik Kaffehr wrote:

But, getting back to the original posting. Are color profiles engineering ort art?

I suppose that depends on your school of thought.

Contemporary thinking strictly divides engineering from design. Consider an automobile dashboard: the top, that you can see, is the responsibility of the designer, while the underside of it, what you normally can’t see, is the responsibility of the engineer. There is a clear separation between aesthetics as done by the designer and utility as done by the engineer.

So for color profiles, the underlying mechanics of how they work and how they are structured is the responsibility of engineers while the particular colors rendered are the responsibility of designers.

Design, according to contemporary ideology, is *not art*, even though it may resemble it. Art has no purpose other than itself, and should be confrontational, while design is useful and comforting. Furthermore, art solely comes from the expression of the artist, while design is closely allied to science. So arguably, nothing whatsoever about a camera is art.

The classical philosophy of art sees things rather differently, as both engineering and design are arts, “the application of the intellect to things well made”. Likewise, aesthetics cannot be divorced from utility, as anything well-engineered is naturally elegant. The classical view also sees good art as being inseparable from good science: for example, someone who is making color profile must rely on good science, otherwise their profile will likely fail to deliver good color.

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