More leaked details on 800/11, 600/11 and 85/2

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Funny Valentine wrote:

Bhotoz wrote:

Funny Valentine wrote:

With a second thought those 600 and 800mm lenses are not that small and look ridiculous. Sigma should really release their new 100-400 on the RF mount and they would wipe out any telephoto lens from canon.

I have Sigma 100-400C and 150-600C. Neither of them have good IS. AF wise 100-400 is not for action, 150-600 is a bit better, but I think Canon's AF is the winner. And how about high speed display? 100-500L is propably weather sealed, those Sigma's aren't.

I agree, Canon or first party lenses are always better

The canon 100-500 is too big, and the white color is too attention grabbing.

I'm not a fan of white color either, but performance is more important for me. RF 100-500 is not too big or heavy for me. 150-600C is a bit on the big/heavy side for me. But that's just me.

the RF 100-500 is just weird. With the 2X TC people who already own the 70-200 can duplicate a very similar 140-400 f/5.6.

I used to have EF 70-200 2.8ii and 2xiii, but didn't like that combo for birds or action. Bought 4005.6L and it was much better AF wise. 70-200 had good AF without extender.

I have now RF 70-200, and it's great for action, too. But I have no wish to buy 2x and shoot action with it. But I do consider to buy 100-500 and sell my EF teles...

I'm just looking closely at canon as a replacement to my m43 gear. Travelling to foreign countries with a big white recognisable lens is a big no no.

I'm just wishing that canon will release a more discrete, black or dark grey 70-200 f/2.8 L.

Golden opportunity for Sigma

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