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Sergey Borachev wrote:

I would encourage more people to buy Panasonic when they need something M43. Look forward and do what's best considering the future, your future. The time to get sad and sentimental is over. The only good reason to buy a Olympus camera is to be able to use 43 lenses IMO.

I've tried with 3 different Panasonic cameras (G85, LX10, FZ300), and there is just something about the Panasonic DNA that I don't like.

  • I only shoot JPG, and the Panasonic noise handling for JPGs really starts to go to water color, detail destroying any detail in the images a lot sooner than an equivalent Olympus camera does.  As I rule of thumb, I tend to feel that Panasonic is about a stop behind Olympus.  Note, this is after adjust the noise defaults on the Panasonic (but I also tend to adjust the Olympus also).
  • I find the Panasonic metering tends to burn out the highlights with white areas in the shot, while Olympus tends to go just up to the limit but not actually burn out the highlight.  Yes I can adjust the tone curve and dial in exposure compensation, but then I have to lift the levels more in post processing.  In addition with dialing in exposure compensation, I find I often times miss the decisive moment, as I'm chimping the EC.  At outdoor events, I typically keep my camera in my right hand but not up to my eye -- when I see a DM coming up, I move the camera to my eye to get the subject in the focus point, click, and put down the camera.  With an Olympus, I generally get the shot, with a Panasonic, I don't.
  • In theory, the G9 fixed some of these issues, but in 'fixing' them, they lost the ability to shoot video for more than 30 minutes, and that is the one feature of the G85/LX10 that I actually do use.

Now, to be far, there are tons of things Olympus cameras do that also I don't like, but since I've been shooting Olympus since 2001, I am more attuned to the Olympus way of doing things.

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