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Alexis D wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

rashid7 wrote:

if they had just put the evf of G100 on the GX9!

It, or one even better, will be on the GX10.

It would be even better, for me at least, if the EVF does not have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

My dream is a true stills oriented camera, which can help reduce cost and size by removing the fancy video features which are already in many existing models already (eg by eliminating a big heat sink}. It would also be great but that must be asking too much, to have a 2-way tilt screen like what's in the S1 or the X-T3 in this compact enthusiast camera.

I like the idea. There is a void left now, with Olympus gone, for something like a Pen F, a capable, compact and street ready camera

Why exactly was the Pen-F a 'street ready' camera? I understand that it was marketed that way, but what feature makes it street ready? For me, the Ricoh GR series is more street-ready with pocketable size, snap focus option and one hand operation. Also, the GX85/9 is more street ready with their tilting LCD.

that is also fine for travel and other general shooting. The GX9 is OK, but can be improved in many ways to fill the void. The 15mm will be just right for such a camera.

Why exactly the 15mm? I prefer 25mm FOV for street. If size matters then the 14mm.

The lens size and quality will ensure that no FF or APSC camera can compete. This camera will be be as small as the GR III etc, but will be more versatile, by allowing the use of different lenses when needed, having more battery life, and handling, etc..

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