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Re: Fuji jpegs are lovely

Mike, well done.  I agree with a lot of what you said.

I wasn't thinking of it in terms of trying to exactly match in post w LR the results of any particular film sim on an out of camera jpeg.  That could take some work and a lot of flipping back and forth to try to match it.

I'm talking about the power of post processing on an individual raw file and the decisions we make on each file that is optimal for that file.  Decisions like how  much to lift shadows or take down highlights.  What corrections to apply and where.  How much vibrance, clarity, saturation or contrast to add and where.  One of the biggest of all decisions is temp and tint, and I almost always change it some from what the camera thinks is right.  The tone mapping and work on the curve can be fine tuned for the image.

One can add or subtract whole stops of exposure at will.  The latitude in post with Fuji raf files (especially GFX) is fantastic.

To me, in my experience, there is no substitute for processing your own raw files.  To me, it is not even close.  The two are not really comparable.

I have said this for years and believe it to be so even more so these days as the sensors and post processing programs get so much better, and our computers (even laptops) fly through processes that used to cause them to grind away slowly (even 200 MB GFX 100 raf files).

But that said, I understand the power of computational photography and the jpeg files that these cameras are producing with no follow-on post processing are getting way better too.

I would never tell anyone not to shoot OOC jpegs.  But I would advice everyone to shoot raw and give PP a try.  There are huge benefits to shooting raw.  Endless benefits.

It is what separates us from the great unwashed masses who are waving their phones around at themselves no matter where you look.

Just kidding on that last sentence.  😀

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