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Re: Colours NOT very different (using adobe color)

Magnar W wrote:

andrewD2 wrote:

I have muddled the cameras with various numbering schemes being used in the thread.
You could have pointed that out

I will leave this to those who can tell what cameras have good and bad color ...

You can't do this from your post.
If you open the Leica SL raw and the Fuji XT4 files you will find one has "custom" WB set, one has "as shot". You need to add 0.4EV to the Fuji and a tiny mid-tone bump to equalize all the neutral patches. Only when these are equalised can you comment on colour response.
Anyone guessing before that is being misled.
Here is Leica SL vs XT4, with neutral patches set close.
They are very very close to each other. Without balancing the neutrals the Fuji looks grim because it is underexposed.

Cheers, Andrew

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