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Re: Colours NOT very different (using adobe color)

Magnar W wrote:

andrewD2 wrote:

Many are critical that even after raw processing that the colours from some cameras are very different in an unpleasing way.

I show the color with the default ACR profile for each camera.

You said to someone else 7 was z7 and 11 was A7III? If that is the case then with defaults my output doesn't match yours.

This proves, at least for this illuminant, that they can quickly be made very similar without much effort.

I do not show processed files. Sure they could quicly be made to look pretty much the same.

Why did you include the raw?

So that people could think about "default raw converter settings".

Seems funny you argue with someone that is actually helping your agenda (inadvertently, I only care for the truth) than you help it yourself by posting inconsistent raw conversions.

The truth of color? Measured color or perceived color? At the end, we relate to perceived color when we look at photographs. And we don't compare color from different cameras side by side.

The truth of whether the raw conversions are as far apart as you make them look for a start. 

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