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Re: Colours NOT very different (using adobe color)

Magnar W wrote:

andrewD2 wrote:

Eh? I'm critical of your workflow. Untagged images, raw conversions with different profiles and brightest.

Like I said in my opening post: These are samples from Dpreview, and are what people use for comparing cameras. They are raw files, and they are jpg files.

I think you missed the point of my post!

You thought they looked very similar and no one would be able to guess.
I thought they looked different and wanted to know by how much. If I was stuck with these colours out of camera and could not post process then I'd have a definite preference. That game seems pointless.

From your first post "the raw files from all cameras are opened in Photoshop CC with default raw converter settings (Adobe Color)."
When I repeat with no adjustments at all Z7 and A7III still look very similar, on yours they don't. Which camera raw version are you using? 

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