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Re: Colours NOT very different (using adobe color)

Trollmannx wrote:

Magnar W wrote:

andrewD2 wrote:

Colour samplers set on all the neutral patches and adjusted brightness to get them all to match.

What are you then comparing? Post processed files!

Comparing apples and oranges (ripe or unripe, who cares) is popular...


The OP is comparing apples to oranges, not using the Adobe color profile for each of the 6 raw sets.

He made apples look like oranges, almost literally.

I standardized them, compared apples to apples. And proved that apples now look like apples!


This is for sure NOT the camera color that people are discussing and critisizing.

Now that we have swatches and overlays (and have ruled out auto white balance) it would be very interesting to see which swatch is from which camera.

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