How did I miss this? Bird eye detection?

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Re: How did I miss this? Bird eye detection?

StefanD wrote:

pawn wrote:

Happy Dad wrote:

"effectively tracking the whole body, face, or eye of cats, dogs, or birds for speed and precision."

So the R5 and maybe R6 will track the eye of a bird?

If the processor is powerful enough this might be very interesting. Or it could be a gimmick.

The 9th will be a fun day.

I wonder if birds’ eye can tracked at the distance we normally take pictures of them.

Yes, it will be an interesting day

I wonder if it matters at all whether the camera is able to track a birds face or its eye. Wouldn't both fall within the depth-of-field at usual shooting distances?

At least for me, focusing on the head (not beaks) is good enough

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