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Absolutely great photos and great reply! Just a quick niggle, though: 10s handheld would mean 10 stops of stabilization for 50mm FF equivalent (as well as the subject remaining still for 10s).

What exactly is the niggle here? Rated 6 or 7 stops of stabilisation doesn't mean you cannot achieve even nore, if you have a stedy hand. Rated figures are just some standardized averages.

Also, 10 sec is 7 stops of stabilisation, if the base value is 1/15 sec, perfectly doable with an wide angle lens.

10 secs with the Dual IS 12-100 @ 12mm is readily achievable... 15 secs if you are more steady than me. For me, 4 secs with this combo is close to 100% critically sharp. I'm happy with that... 7 stops from a base of 1/30 (12mm/ 24mm equiv./ 1/30).

However a tripod is the best stabilization device and yields best results. I know, it's large and heavy. Like many other pro photography tools.

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