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Colours NOT very different (using adobe color)

See my post above showing that the colours as posted by the OP ARE very different.
But I have no idea how the OP got the swatches to look like that so I tried myself. 
A7III vs Z7, downloaded dpreview samples from each, raw files. 
Adobe colour profile set for each. 
White balance set off AREA (better than a point) of the first grey patch. 
Colour samplers set on all the neutral patches and adjusted brightness to get them all to match.

This is from the post above, I believe elsewhere the OP said this was Z7 and A7III. 
The colours are very different:

Using my method:

Colours are now far far closer:

So I'm not sure what methods the OP used to get the charts but the differences in them are NOT what you should see if you use the adobe colour profile. The adobe made "camera matching" standard profiles do give very different colours.

Be interesting to compare a Canon with a Sony now. 

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