ZV-1 lessons in adaptation

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Re: ZV-1 lessons in adaptation

Mr_Win wrote:

KaanG wrote:

BrentSchumer wrote:

I still can't believe that a camera meant to be operated while looking at the touchscreen still lacks touch in menus or to change controls. Sony really needs to force the imaging guys to talk to the smartphone guys.


I don't understand how they can't get rid of the horrendous menu system. Using sony side by side with panasonic or ricoh cameras, the difference is huge.

At the end of the day were are all amateurs and shoting for fun. Sony menus suck the fun out of the experience. A nice touch interface would make the device a perfect companion

FWIW, there is a big improvement. Separate Fn menu for stills and video. The Defocus Button is slick, and the cameras log video is legit.

Exactly as I feel

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