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Colours are VERY different

Had to assume that the OP had prepared these as sRGB image because the download from dpreview is untagged, might be a dpreview failure. If it is, know that these were assigned sRGB. Having tested assigning aRGB I think it is very likely sRGB was the correct profile.

Viewing 288 small patches at once is too confusing. So I'll compare two sets of 24 to each another.

If, as posted by the OP, we say charts 1-4 are top row, 5-8 middle, 9-12 bottom
Then I have taken 7 vs 11, insetting 11 in 7:

Adjusted for different black and white points:

They are not as close as you'd expect esp. if these are both Sony sensors profiled by Adobe. In fact I'd say very different, certainly enough to have a preference. Walking past my GF had a strong preference to the outer of the squares (7).

Reference for the sRGB values is here:

The black patch should be brighter according to xrite so any analysis of the first fairly dark patch isn't perfect. However they are both more saturated than the xrite specified sRGB value (colour overlaid as a middle diagonal). They are hue shifted in opposite directions relative to the accurate value.

Having seen the overlaid patches would you call the differences small or large?


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