06/2020 Would you still buy a Nikon D3s?

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Re: Buying a 12 year old digital camera is like buying a 10-year old laptop

Having just bought a D700 and loving it so far—sure would!

You can still buy CF cards so they aren’t “obsolete.” And they are super sturdy. No little flimsy metal parts. Not sure what batteries it takes but my 300 batteries are going strong after eight years and i bought my 300 used in 2012 so....

The camera is a tool, not a miracle product. A camera such as a D3s, in good condition, should serve someone who knows what they are doing and how to make a photo, extremely well. Are there more modern cameras out there? Sure. Is there validity to newer technology? Absolutely. But if you want the IQ you can get from a D3s, and you put in the time to learn your machine—limitations, everything it can do—I say go for it, it is not like it is a slouch!

The repairs argument is different, something to consider. But Nikons are well built in my experience. My first DSLR, purchased in 2007, a D40–still produces lovely images and I still like to shoot with it sometimes. Is it old tech? Yep. Did I just recently sell an image taken with a 6 mp d40 and an old MF e series lens I bought at a pawn shop for 30 bucks in 2020? Yep. It’s a tool—learn how to use it and you’re golden.

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