RF 100-500L Specs

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Re: RF 100-500L Specs

koenkooi wrote:

sobrien wrote:

koenkooi wrote:

Yay! 0.33x magnification, that's a 6.5% improvement over the 100-400II. The reviews will have to be pretty bad for me not to buy this one

Excellent news!

Lighter than expected too! At that saving, I could easily live with a slightly faster than expected progression through the maximum aperture values.

Yeah, it seems to be 300gr lighter, which means that on an R series it's more than 400gr lighter, the adapters weigh at least 120gr.


  • A lot lighter
  • slightly shorter (1.5cm longer, but no 2cm adapter needed)
  • 1 stop more IS
  • 100mm more
  • Slightly better magnification
  • Same diameter

With all that I really don't care what aperture it has at 400mm.

Yeah, seems great so far! And let us know the price.... I'm hoping it's max 2.5k € but I'm afraid it will be more than 3k at first...

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