New Canon FF slow, smaller lenses

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Hmmm, nice idea

Henry Richardson wrote:

See the new Canon FF lenses below that are much smaller and have slower apertures. This idea was brought up in the following thread awhile back:

Olympus m4/3 goes the way of Olympus 4/3

New Canon RF mirrorless lenses: 85mm f/2, 600mm f/11, 800mm f/11, 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1

  • 600mm f/11 -> m4/3 300mm f/5.6
  • 800mm f/11 -> m4/3 400mm f/5.6
  • 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1 -> m4/3 50-250mm f/2.25-3.55

The lenses are not very small, of course, but a lot smaller and less expensive than if they were f/4 or f/5.6. Recognition that FF high ISO is pretty good so fast lenses just aren't as useful as they were in film days and earlier digital days. It looks like the FF mirrorless makers are trying to come up with some smaller lenses. And m4/3 has been trying to come up with bigger lenses. They are rapidly meeting.

Interesting for sure. Be worth watching what comes out of those Canon lenses and the reviews of them. Steve uses his 500 F/4L at F/16 fairly often at high ISO's. I certainly can't knock the shots he gets, infact pretty remarkable.

Those Canon lenses would need to be very sharp wide open in that case or they could end up in trouble.

All the best and yes, very interesting.


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