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Michael Berg
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Fuji jpegs are lovely

Congratulations on your new camera, I'm about 2 months ahead of you here

How do you like the 16-55? I was so close to getting that over the traditional 18-55 but was somewhat turned off by the bulk and weight of that lens. Especially for travelling.

As for the jpegs you'll eventually find out, like I have, that there just isn't a raw converter in existence that will give results like those straight out of the camera. In my experience the closest you'll get is with Capture One 20, of which the free "Express" version for Fuji is free to use and does the film simulations accurately enough. Even then you'll struggle to get results that are as pleasing as the internal raw converter. It's not impossible, just takes a disproportionate amount of time.

Try Fuji X-Raw Studio. It's a free software sidekick to the camera available from Fuji, which allows you to basically use the Raw conversion features inside the camera in a more conventional "desktop" workflow experience. You plug in the camera with a USB cable and the software talks to the camera and uses it's internal engine for raw conversions. All of your cameras controls for exposure, film simulation, highlight/shadow, clarity, color chrome etc, are available in the interface, and although the software is a bit clunky to use there is no arguing with the results. If you want to get anything just barely as good as those jpegs, you'll be spending a lot of time in Lightroom or Capture One - so why not just use the camera, after all this is what you paid the big bucks for.

Anyway, happy shooting and by the way nice doggo ..

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