How did I miss this? Bird eye detection?

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Re: How did I miss this? Bird eye detection?

Colin46 wrote:

quiquae wrote:

pawn wrote:

Happy Dad wrote:

"effectively tracking the whole body, face, or eye of cats, dogs, or birds for speed and precision."

So the R5 and maybe R6 will track the eye of a bird?

If the processor is powerful enough this might be very interesting. Or it could be a gimmick.

The 9th will be a fun day.

I wonder if birds’ eye can tracked at the distance we normally take pictures of them.

Yes, it will be an interesting day

Maybe that's going to be the biggest argument for having an 800mm F11 instead of cropping from a 100-400F5.6L2? Both give you the exact same amount of light gathering, but the former will let you throw four times as many pixels at the bird's eye, which should help with recognition and tracking.

How does F5.6 and F11 give you the same light gathering?


if F5.6 gives 1/200 at iso 800 then

F11 at 1/200 would give 3200 or 4 times less light

If you are going to crop a 400mm image down to 800mm equivalent, you’re throwing away 3/4 of the incident light, hence the total number of photons used in the two situations are exactly the same. The difference is that a 400mm F5.6 lens concentrates all the relevant light onto 1/4 of the sensor area with the rest being completely wasted, whereas an 800mm F11 lens projects the light at 1/4 the average intensity over the entire sensor.

In the former case, individual pixels see more light, which improves noise and may help with focusing, especially in low light. The downside is that there are only 1/4 as many pixels, which hurts resolution and also possibly make the tracking of small objects (like bird eyes) less precise because shapes are harder to recognize.

In the latter case, individual pixels are darker and therefore more noisy, and will cause AF to start faltering two stops earlier. As a tradeoff, more pixels are trained on any given object, which improves resolution and may also possibly improve focusing accuracy when AF does work, as well as overall noise when downscaled to the same pixel count as the cropped version.

These are just hypotheticals, of course. In absence of an actual product to test (sensor and lens), it is not a priori obvious which alternative is going to deliver better results.

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