How did I miss this? Bird eye detection?

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Re: How did I miss this? Bird eye detection?

Colin46 wrote:

quiquae wrote:

pawn wrote:

Happy Dad wrote:

"effectively tracking the whole body, face, or eye of cats, dogs, or birds for speed and precision."

So the R5 and maybe R6 will track the eye of a bird?

If the processor is powerful enough this might be very interesting. Or it could be a gimmick.

The 9th will be a fun day.

I wonder if birds’ eye can tracked at the distance we normally take pictures of them.

Yes, it will be an interesting day

Maybe that's going to be the biggest argument for having an 800mm F11 instead of cropping from a 100-400F5.6L2? Both give you the exact same amount of light gathering, but the former will let you throw four times as many pixels at the bird's eye, which should help with recognition and tracking.

How does F5.6 and F11 give you the same light gathering?


if F5.6 gives 1/200 at iso 800 then

F11 at 1/200 would give 3200 or 4 times less light


if F5.6 at say iso 800 gives you 1/100 (which it often does here in the uK)


at F11 at iso 800 would give 1/25 which is unusable.

F5.6 to F11 is 2 stops or 4 times less light

On the plus side, AF at F11 works on these mirrorless cameras which is great but it's slower than a lens at f5.6 or F4.

I can see these consumer-grade F11 lenses been popular with amateurs and beginners into bird photography but they will soon realise the lenses limitations and see why 500 and 600mm F4 lenses are popular with professionals and wealthy amateurs.

I am lucky enough to own the 300 f2.8 and 500 f4 lenses and i realise its a big investment but i think Canon should have followed Nikon's lead and made a 500 or 600 F5.6 DO rather than these F11 lenses.

If you crop the 400 f5.6 to have the same angle of view as the 800mm lens you also magnify the noise. This magnification is equal to increasing the iso 2 stops.

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