Going on a backpacking trip, need advice on what lenses to bring

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Re: Going on a backpacking trip, need advice on what lenses to bring

Most definitely. Also like jkjond. What is the exact trip like and where are you going? Is it a holiday relaxation, is it alone or with others, do others also enjoy photography are you going to be in one spot for a bit of a while to snap and concentrate on photography? Also from your list you only have the 50mm and the 90mm macro on full frame FX camera. Do you still have a DX camera? Maybe simply use that instead? Maybe pick up another DX camera and just use your 18-55mm? That is if it is more about travel and less about dedicated photography. Instead of this you could also pick up quite a good deal now with some of the second hand mirrorless gear which would make it even more compact and lighter than a DX dSLR. If you don't foresee yourself using the DX lenses maybe sell them?

Instead of a interchangeable lens camera you could also pick up something portable like a Sony RX100. Backpacking can mean different things to people. As mentioned before above what and exactly how is the trip like? What is your definition of it. To some people backpacking means hiking up the mountain with a sleeping bag and a tent or use the huts and carry their food and water with them. To some other people it means doing that 'OE' overseas experience and go and live in hostels and travelling around the world and spending most of their time in the cities from North America to Europe to parts of Africa and Asia to South America ...

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