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Re: Lenses with good flare

TripleCoatedBokeh wrote:

aidaho wrote:

DMC75 wrote:

No idea... And I don't know if I'm understanding you

Anyway… I took this one long time ago, the 1:1 crop probably is not from the center, in case it helps.

I still own the lens I can test without any filter.. I can't remember if there was any filter.

But I'm sure both sigmas superwide and miniwide flares like crazy, that's their Achilles heel ( and barrel distortion). Otherwise lovely lenses.

Ghosting flare patterns are always on axis to the light source that caused them. If aperture is stopped down they can be mirrored by secondary reflections and look a touch off axis, but that's about it. In your shot there are two sets, clearly on different axes.

Come to think of it, if sun was partially obscured (and subdivided into two light sources), this may also explain this picture.

It just never occurred to me this could be a thing in real life, and I'm sure I've never seen it before.

Whatever you did, you've managed to get a pretty rare pattern. Congrats!

Thanks for the explanation, now I've understand it.

Car headlights.

It was night time with many cars coming in my direction, the flares are due them. aidaho's was referring to double light sources, I believe you nailed it!

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