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Re: Great post!

Okapi001 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Absolutely great photos and great reply! Just a quick niggle, though: 10s handheld would mean 10 stops of stabilization for 50mm FF equivalent (as well as the subject remaining still for 10s).

What exactly is the niggle here? Rated 6 or 7 stops of stabilisation doesn't mean you cannot achieve even nore, if you have a stedy hand.

If your hand is steady enough, you can shoot for hours without any IBIS.

Rated figures are just some standardized averages.

Also, 10 sec is 7 stops of stabilisation, if the base value is 1/15 sec, perfectly doable with an wide angle lens.

My bad -- I meant 9 stops (I counted 1/50s as 1 stop instead of 0 stops using, as I said, the 1/FF equivalent FL rule). Let's do the math using the 1/FL rule for 50mm FF equivalent:

  • 0 stops -- 1/50s
  • 1 stop -- 1/25s
  • 2 stops -- 1/13s
  • 3 stops -- 1/6s
  • 4 stops -- 1/3s
  • 5 stops -- 0.6s
  • 6 stops -- 1.3s
  • 7 stops -- 2.5s
  • 8 stops -- 5s
  • 9 stops -- 10s

In any case, while certainly a boon to have, once again, you need the subject to be still for 10s or want the degree of motion blur that 10s would give. To me, the difference in 5 stops of stabilization vs 7 stops of stabilization is like the difference between 10 fps and 20 fps in a camera. Sure, 20 fps is better than 10 fps, and some people can really make good use of that. But for most people, even 10 fps is serious overkill.

If you find that you can shoot 10s handheld with Olympus but cannot with any other system, and that's something you need to be able to do, then, for a fact, shoot Olympus -- I'm surely not telling you otherwise.

Regardless, I again offer my props to the OP for his outstanding photos!

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