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Re: help with developing failure

Bags27 wrote:

neilt3 wrote:

Just to add to my first reply , the negatives look pretty thin , was the good roll the same ?

Or have they come out a bit thin ?

Secondly , the negatives shown here look to be evenly developed , even if they've been under-developed .

However the stripe on the right looks like it been in the fixer longer than the left side which would have been above the fixer .

To get some film that can be scanned , if you refix it at least it should come out even .

Thanks so much, neilt3. I didn't realize you could refix once it's dry. but it worked! The one on the left is the refixed one; the one on the right is the one that came out okay originally.

I much appreciate your help!

With a bit of luck you should still have some usable negatives , and you'll know how to prevent it happening again .

Worst mess up I've done developing film was to mix up the developer and fix !

Needless to say that roll was very thin ( i.e transparent !) , luckily there was only one film in the tank . I was part way through a developing session if about twenty rolls , and that one needed special treatment .

It got it ...

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