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Re: New kit for powering Olympus cameras externally

OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

Thanks! It sounds like you dont feel having the dummy battery adapter hanging from the battery compartment without something underneath to close the battery compartment should present me with any side effects like having to worry about moisture getting inside the compartment? Like dew or something like that, I generally do not shoot in the rain or near a body of water. It seems to be more of an issue of convenience with the wires sticking out.

For me at renaissance faires the issue is I move the gear all of the time.  If your camera needs a connection through several converters (to fix male/female orientation, or to change plug size), you need to make sure each item is connected.  With wires you have to make sure the wire is not kinked and breaks.  If I make my own wires, I've had issues in the past where my solder connections come undone usually due to movement.  If the wires hang down, the issue is they might catch on some.  Basically Murphy's Law issues.

The UPS idea is a great one, I have the same kind of set up for my computer and it works well during power outages as well as voltage spikes and dips which are rather frequent here. I use my Cyberpower LCD UPS for that. I suspect these third party batteries you mentioned (whether its Case Relay or Bescor or whatever) are still subject to the same issues of bloating and expanding with time? What about this Bescor (or other) dummy battery adapters? Since it's not really a battery and just serves as a placeholder in the battery compartment, it shouldn't be subject to any expansion after years of use? Sounds like the only thing I need to worry about with these is to be careful with the wire and make sure it doesn't fray?

If you look into the adapter, it is mostly empty space.  There might be a few resistors, and perhaps a voltage converter.

So it should not be an issue with expansion.  The ultimate battery that you use, yes you need to check on that, and every so often replace it.

Sounds like Bescor has a nice selection of products. Since they have a motorized pan/tilt head do you think they might have something in the way of a motorized star tracker that I can use to prevent star trails (or for long exposure total lunar eclipse photography at max totality with a long zoom like I mentioned in the thread I recently started?)

While it might be nice, it doesn't seem like it is something  Bescor itself might do.  But if you search around there are people that have added arduino controls to the Bescor MP-101:

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