Olympus situation - my opinion

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Re: Olympus situation - my opinion

Awesome photos as usual Petr. It is people like you that help remind me that equipment choice makes up such a small part of what it takes to master this wonderful hobby.

Here on DPReview, people treat camera brands and formats like their favorite sports team. It's  so dumb, really. How many times do you and others have to demonstrate the benefit of micro four-thirds with world-class photography, better than most people will ever take in their lives, and yet people still march into these forums to try and devalue the system like they have anything to show for it.

I've used both micro four-thirds and full frame side by side for years some of my best photos were on the smaller format. I believe most of the people with strong opinions have never even owned a micro four-thirds camera nor used it to its full potential.

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