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Re: help with developing failure

Bags27 wrote:

I just developed 2 rolls of Kentmere 100 in Ilf3 1:9, 5 minutes @68 degrees. I inverted 4X/minute as per Ilford instructions. I used 600 ml of developer, ditto stop and fix. I took the pictures within the same couple of hours and loaded them at the same time in my dark bag. thought I did everything correctly. One roll turned out perfectly, the other looked like this. I did the 2 rolls in a Paterson 3 roll tank and can't remember if this was the top or bottom reel. (One thing I'm thinking is that maybe I should have kept in the 3rd reel and put it on top even though it had no film, assuring that after an inversion, both film reels settled in.) Oh, one thing I know I forget to do! I forgot to tap the canister after the inversions. But this doesn't look like that problem. Any suggestions of what I did wrong? thanks!

Tapping the tank is to dislodge air bubbles. What you have looks like an entirely different problem. I'd re-fix and re-wash.

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