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Great post!

Petr Bambousek wrote:

mrphotography wrote:

AdamT wrote:

mrphotography wrote:

Nice shots but they're all less than 2 megapixels. Truth be told, when blown up side by side the advantage of FF looks obvious.

So he's more worried about having some lame pictures "stolen" than showing us what an Olympus camera can do? I'm not buying it.

I really don't know a single person which share its images widely in full format just keep others to believe they are good. I really don't know any more stupid debate than "what is better - FF or m43?'.

And I know this reply will not solve it and make anything better but yes, I spent about half an hour to prepare some 1:1 cuts from presented pictures. These cuts are 1920 x 1080 from full sized image so don't forget to open it in full format if you wish to pixel-peer it.

These debates are nonsense and neverending. Always the same:

- Full frame is better in this and that, you will get better image quality, better prints, etc
+ Maybe, but really not always
- Proove it! Pictures are small
+ Here you are ...
- Pictures are processed, I want to see RAW
+ here you are ...
- Pictures are easy to obtain, I want to see more difficult!
+ here you are ...
- But still, FF is better in many ways

There was even test when people should say which 2 pictures out of 4 were taken with FF and m43 based on 1m prints. They could come as close they need to check. 86% didn't find the different and I am more than pretty sure there were those in the rest of 15% with just lucky guess (980 responds). I wish they print all 20 pictures I delivered from the one day zoo walk and not split to 10:10.

The point is, to try to say which system is better leads to nowhere. The only question is - dou you like the pictures? Yes - Ok. No - Ok. Otherwise the debate can be infinity. If anybody bought its camera just to make sure others were wrong with their choice, something is wrong. There are lots of games we can play, but I prefer to go outside and create photographs instead to write this repeating debates ...

+ FF has better ISO
- Yes, but you are not able handheld 10s pictures
+ No, but FF has better ISO
+ Yes, but you are not able handheld 10s pictures

Absolutely great photos and great reply!  Just a quick niggle, though:  10s handheld would mean 10 stops of stabilization for 50mm FF equivalent (as well as the subject remaining still for 10s).

But, as I've said multiple times, even mFT is overkill for the vast majority, and I think your photos do a rather splendid job of demonstrating exactly that!


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