Going on a backpacking trip, need advice on what lenses to bring

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Re: Going on a backpacking trip, need advice on what lenses to bring

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I would prefer to only bring 1-3 lenses with me on this trip because I dont want the extra weight. I was hoping someone could offer their views on what would be best to pack.

I have a Nikon D750.

My lens collection includes:

Tamron FX 90mm macro F2.8

Nikon FX AF-S 50mm 1.8G

Tamron DX 16-300mm F3.5-6.3

Nikon DX kit lens 18-55mm

I also have an Altura 0.43x super wide angle adapter

I was hoping to grab a wide angle lens but time got the best of me and now I wont be able to before the trip.

In cases like that, I tend to select a travel zoom - here the Tamron 16-300 - and the 50mm lens (only used in low light). But... isn’t the D750 a full frame camera?


Yes, and it would help if you gave us an idea of the kinds of images you tend to capture. For example, if your interests lean heavily towards macro and wide-angle images and little else, then what would be the point of taking anything with telephoto reach?

To Landscaper's question I would add, crucially, two questions.  Are you going alone, with other photographers or with others who are less interested in photography?  Are you on a day trip or many nights camping?

If solo or with other photographers then photography and lenses choices/changes become a prime consideration and very feasible. If with other non photographers than convenience becomes the main consideration rather than changing lenses so as not to hold them up.  If a day trip then space for non photo stuff less of an issue, but if overnight, then capacity to carry food, cooking stuff and sleeping bag is a consideration.

For example, if with other photographers for a day trip I'd take primes and a tripod. If with non photographers on a multi-night trip I'd take one zoom and one fast prime.

In short, difficult to offer objective advice without a few crucial facts.

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