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Re: A Week @ Home --- Flowers

19andrew47 wrote:

Lovely cheery flowers WN.

Thanks for stopping by, Andrew ...

Yesterday we went for a drive and dinner out on a patio with only a few other patrons well spaced from us. We drove the coast of Lake Erie for about 2 h from west of Turkey Point to Nanticoke. When we drove through Turkey Point past the beach area run by the Provincial Parks of Ontario the place was packed, and I do mean packed. The groups may have been separated by 6 ft but if they moved at all that was not happening. An mind blowing display of 'we are invincible' mentality. I read yesterday that 81% of the deaths from CV in Ontario were in old age facilities. Now that is a scary concept. The number of new cases in Ontario is down with more than half being in off shore workers housed in bunkhouses on farms. Seems they are unwilling to reveal their illness since the farmers will not pay them if they do not work. Catch 22! Every one gets sick and the farmers then can not harvest the crops. Would be better to pay the sick workers than have 95% of your workers infected.

I guess the only thing that bothers me about those parties and large gatherings is that I know that this will increase the numbers of those testing positive and raise the probability that some unsuspecting individual who didn't get to enjoy yhe party will suffeer along with them ...

Researching a new camera??? I have done that but for the time being have decided to wait and see. Sony may be the safest of the remaining manufacturers but I think the market may be depressed for quite some time which may cause problems for all of them.

I suspect my next camera will still be the M1.2, so I can continue using those longer heavier FT lenses otherwise the G9 might tempt me . The M1.3 only has that joy stick that would tempt me, I was disappointed that they didn't upgrade the EVF. .. I am looking hard at the Sony a6400 and a7 ii or III along with a smallish 40mm -50mm lens as a replacement for the M10 but I suspect that's a ways and several new Sony models down the road when we can actually get out and about.  .... and hopefully I'm still able to get out and about as my knees are beginning to rust with age ...

Stay safe and well WN!

You too ....



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