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Re: New kit for powering Olympus cameras externally

OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

I like the Bescor and Tether Tools design also, but Tether Tools doesn't have the BLS-50 adapter so Bescor is the only game in town for me, which is just fine, I visited their site and it looks like they make quality products. I found another kind of adapter they make, which looks interesting, although I dont know what it's for, I linked it in a response to your original post about the Bescor product line and was wondering what kind of power this would use?

I think I'm going to buy from Bescor directly rather than go through B&H. On their site it says they are located on Long Island, within 20 miles of where I live, do you think I could just go to their location and pick up the dummy battery to ac adapter kit directly?

D-tap is evidently a power/plug setup used in the video world.  I don't know anything about it.

I own the Bescor MPC-101 motorized pan/tilt head, and it is fine for what it is, but there are two obvious things that should have been added a long time ago, but it seems to be just something they never thought of (similar to not having a way to use normal 5v USB batteries like Tethertools).  The things are:

  • Control is only through a wired connection, i.e. no wifi, bluetooth, or infrared control.  I've had several video sessions where I was recording a show, and I wished to have the b-camera across the room, with without remote control it was impossible.
  • It really, really, really would be nice if they added two servos so that you can zoom and focus non-electronic zoom lenses, rather than having separate controls.
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