Where is the mark on the polarizer supposed to be?

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Re: Where is the mark on the polarizer supposed to be?

Dem Bell wrote:

smithim wrote:

I confess, I've never thought about it, but always assumed that it was just a reference point. I don't see how it can be used to indicate maximum effect, as surely each filter will sit differently on each lens - AFAIA, filter threads are not that precise.

That's the back part of the polarizer that will sit differently on different lenses depending on their filter threads. This part is just a metal ring with no optics in it and its orientation does not affect the image. Its job is to sit firmly on the lens and hold the rest of the filter in front of the lens.

The actual optics is firmly fixed in the front part of the filter that is rotated to control the effect of the filter. The orientation of the front part of the filter is completely decoupled from the orientation of the back part.

I just look through the viewfinder and turn the ring until I see the maximum effect (or whatever else I want).

I sit corrected 

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