Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Re: Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

From past Pentax use, menu and setting use is very good. Traded all of it away and end of 2017 to go with one of the big guys, (Nikon). Grass always greener, perhaps. I had to know and went with it.

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From SONY a6000 (first SONY and traded for...) a6300 (current) use. Main menu is horrible. User mode set up good BUT when I change settings on the fly, or don't save U1 or U2 properly it is all gone. Confused in a6300 to have U1, U2, M1-2-3-4. And resetting those M 1-4 over and over as I go.Can't explain more. FN grid on screen helps, access many settings at a glance.


So I use mostly NIKON anyway D7200, D7500 and D750 use.

U1, U2 settings help a lot. Makes up for some of the rest of the nonsense.

There are 8 menu sections on the left side of display . "My Menu" is No. 7 down, just above "?" That question mark on screen is useless...IF it is on you do press second physical button down on left edge of camera body to get help.   I always forget it's use.

Also, setting custom button functions screen instruction seems inscrutable, You have a set of choices and two things that go together for a button. If one is a wrong choice, you are blocked and there is nothing it says on how to do it. Not complicated if you spend time looking up various instructions. This is unsatisfactory.,

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