Wich compact to get!

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Re: Wich compact to get!

pharoldo wrote:

Unfortunatly i hate slr...

the minolta cle with voigtlander 40mm could be an option may be...

but realy wanted a compact autofocus camera with good imagequality

A Mju ii ?

There’s a review of high end compacts on emulsive - https://emulsive.org/reviews/camera-reviews/compact-camera-megatest-12-high-mid-and-low-end-35mm-point-and-shoot-head-to-head

If you don’t mind adjusting the shutter speed and aperture then a Leica CL with a 40mm is <£700, but make sure the meter works (or expect to pay less)

For the sort of money the Leica CM are going for you could get a Leica M2/M3 + 50mm which at least you can get fixed when it breaks.

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