Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Re: Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

robgendreau wrote:

What manufacturer?


Or Samsung.

Hence yet one more reason why these other camera companies are struggling.

IMHO I don't think that is why people are not buying cameras. LOL.

For me . . . I like the fact that my camera might last a long time.

My Nikon D5100 I got in 2011 and it still works 9 years later. I have it packed up and ready to go camping with me this month.

So . . . yeah, it's 9 years old and so is its UI. Oh, well. LOL.

But . . . it has not gone obsolete and . . . for now, how the camera works remains fairly much the same. You have the lens, the aperture, you set a shutter speed and the iso setting. A lot of the programming is just fancy ways to get to those things.

Where as . . . my cellphone goes obsolete at least every 5 years. So it's no wonder that there is advancements in UI between the models I am forced to get in order to keep watching Netflix. LOL.

And my 9 year old Nikon D5100 isn't even the oldest camera I am taking camping. My Pentax ist DS is, which was released in 2003. So it is 17 years old, and still kicking! LOL.

Or maybe Ricoh; their Theta app is clean, good looking, and super functional. And the only way to control the Theta.

Or GoPro; a good control app and it can even edit video.

Which makes it hard to understand why the dinosaur camera companies continue to make an interfaces, desktop software, and apps that look like they're wearing shag haircuts, listening to Milli Vanilli, and using flip phones. Their engineers must be as old as DPR users.

At least make a decent app, and since most all cameras have wifi, have all the controls in the app so we can set them and upload them to the camera. Via BT would be even better.


This I would agree with.

I would love a way to transfer the set-up I have in my camera over to my phone. And then be able to download it back again.

It's like when I go to a cheer competition to get shots of my daughters and their teams.

If I go to the convention centre by the airport, I know it has bad lighting and no spot lights are brought in. So I have to set up my U1 and U2 settings for that venue. But then if we are up in Orangeville, their gym has two walls with huge windows open to the outside. And if we are a Nationals, they bring in spot lights for the videographers.

It would be nice if I could set up my camera for one of the competitions. And then when we are done the day, I could just "save" that camera configuration straight to my phone and label it something like "Airport Convention Comp". And then be able to look through the settings on my phone, and make changes if I want. But the next time we are at the Airport Convention Center for a Competition, I could just load that setting back up to my camera as a starting point.

I think I can do this by saving configurations to an SD Card. But keeping track of the SD cards is not something I want to do, . . . so I just recreate my set-up each time we go to a competition.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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