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A Week @ Home --- Flowers

Another week at home .. I took a few more than 30 keepers (for me.) during this last week. If I get out and about then I usually have at least 50 or more...most of which are never shared here... I have a back log of flowers I have meant to share and may yet but I thought I might just share a week in the yard … Starting with these Brachyscomes … a member of the aster family ..

A Day Lily that I have photographed almost every day for several weeks ..I wont share them all …

another that I have done in many different lights .. again I won;t share them all …

A Passion flower that I take pictures of whenever the sun and they agree .. later the Gulf Fritillary butterflies will come and enjoy them

A Petunia actually a super petunia according to the label …

Finally a rose as the bush seems to be stuggling with the heat …

As I go through the week expect encore performances from most of these flowers .. Maybe we'll get back to walking the Botanical Garden this next week but weather forecasts say more rain …

These pictures were all taken ujsing the E-M1.1.6 with the Sigma 150mm, the ZD50-200mm Mark I, and the Panasonic 100-300mm lenses … I'm a equal time employer of lense ...

.This series is the result of a normal week during this pandemic but given our new approach – “LIVE WITH IT” .. and my now being in that High Risk age group I expect this to be in a stay at home confinement or take my chances escaping during these next two years while we wait for a treatment and a vaccine … and then … It will still be here like the Flu but maybe we'll know enough by then that its severity can be managed .. maybe …. until then

Stay Well …


130,000+ dead and counting this morning in the USA .. but be positive . I',m researching a new camera! ..

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