Ulanzi BG-2 charging problem confirmed by Ulanzi.

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Re: Ulanzi BG-2 charging problem confirmed by Ulanzi.

sludge21017 wrote:

MIC37 wrote:

Ken Yull wrote:

Glad you had refund. ✔

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the reply.

I've got a refund and submitted my review of the Ulanzi BG-2 to B&H.

The Ulanzi BG-2 got the Top Seller label in spite of the absence of a single review.

After the first two unsuccessful attempts to publish it, the review was published but was taken down by B&H in one day.

The existing Ulanzi BG-2 Overview on their website was never revised and it is still misleading customers about its compatibility with action cameras.

Did you simple state it wasn't compatible or did you make it a big ole rant?

As I've mentioned before, I bought the first Ulanzi BG-2 and returned it under the impression that it was defective. I bought a second one and also returned it. I've spent about an hour with GoPro Tech Support and they advised to contact Ulanzi.

I've sent 3 or 4 e-mails to B&H about it during the return process.

I forwarded my response together with the e-mail from the "Ulanzi" representative (see my first post) to B&H Customer Service, but they did not respond and they did not even revised the item description to mention the limited compatibility.

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