Olympus situation - my opinion

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Re: Olympus situation - my opinion

"What does it mean? Nothing at all about whether Olympus is better or worse than other brands. (In fact, I don’t really understand why anyone is still trying to categorise this)." Petr Bambrousek 2020

113 likes, 78 replies, and 3 of the worst regular m43 bashers have not participated... and they usually don't for posts like this.

How can it be someone so talented like Petr chooses m43 (he uses Pana lenses too)?

How is it possible m43 wins international competitions?

How come Petr is not ditching that loser little sensor and finally coming to his senses?

Why would he use a f8 equivalent tele?

Aaaaargghhhh.... all my DR, Light gathering, resolution conversions etc are not computing!

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