So, what exactly does shooting at f/2 bring you?

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Re: So, what exactly does shooting at f/2 bring you?

spike29 wrote:

This i need to google also. "abbe sine condition" 😊

Edit, good and numbrain explained what "abby" is come from:

not related to f-numbers doh but i think i can gues, the smaller the number the more you use the lens to the sides. Abby number decreases effects increases when travel more from OC to the side. So a big hole means lots of dispersion. Aka color problems and object shifts between rgb.

Learned something. Hope i remember it as time goes by.

Abbe sine condition and Abbe number are different things. The sine condition says that if a lens is well corrected, then the sine of the input angle must be proportional to the sine of the output angle, and the ratio of of the sines is the magnification.

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