Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

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Re: Manufacturer with intuitive menus?

TravelLurker wrote:

This might not be what people want to hear...but the best, clearest and easiest to use menus menus in cameras really are ....Apple and Android!

Sadly, another area where the traditional camera manufactures are lagging behind.

Different philosophy. Apple and Android smartphones are designed as appliances. Camera manufacturers are still designing cameras as tools or instruments. Most anybody can walk up to an appliance and pretty much figure out how to operate it. Except for simple common tools or instruments, most require some training or instructions to operate them properly.

That aside Canon seem like clearest and have started to add in help/descriptor factors in some of the menu features - as in some text that explains what the menu function does.

It's a shame that this is really only a token gesture - with confusing things like custom settings or focus options there should be a full 'help' function built into the camera that explains what the different options do (without you having to dig out the manual, or go Googling)

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