Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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Re: Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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My recommendation would be the a6500. At current prices, it is the best value. It seems to deliver the best IQ across the a6xxx line, has IBIS, build in flash and the color I get from LR without much tweaking is better than that of the a6400. The a6300 is a good option, too.

It's all the same sensor, so IQ differences are in your head,

Nope, use dpreview studio scene you'll see definite differences, see crop below, at 6400 iso, more detail in the A6600 shot (see pink jacket), definite processing differences, the A6600 sensor has been tweaked and the processing and color science comes from the A9.

That is true for OOC JPEGs.

not just OOC JPEGs, you can compare the RAW files to, there are differences, definitely not the same.

How do you comapre RAW files? The image you see when you select RAW is a RAW image processed into a JPEG by dpreview using ACR.

But even the RAW files differ, thus the SOOC jpegs differ, added to that the processing between the A6300 and A6600 differs due to different processing algorithms and different RAW camera profiles.

What you see is the difference between how ACR renders the images w/o NR applied. Do you use ISO 6400 images w/o NR? The OOC JPEGs with NR applied don't differ much, if at all, in terms of noise.

easy to see different noise profiles in crops below, A6600 way smoother noise.

What you see there is what the Adobe RAW Converter does with the file. The tuning that Sony did (and which is really good) you can see by looking at the JPEG tab at deprview. Unfortunately, neither Sony's own converter nor ACR/LR are able to recreate the OOC output.

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