16-55 or 12 Samyang+23 1.4 Fuji+50 7artisans

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16-55 or 12 Samyang+23 1.4 Fuji+50 7artisans

Just bought a new X-H1. Absolutely love the handling feel and the dampened shutter.
i am downscaling from some rather heavy FF gear and now is as good time as any ....
Trying to minimise costs. I am mainly a 35mm shooter and usually shoot street, landscapes, people and general travel

cant decide between these combinations which are effectively the same cost (lenses will be second hand or new discount)

The 16-55 seems a great lens

  1. Will I yearn after thin bokeh ? Probably not at 55mm
  2. I take a lot at night, is the ISO performance on the Fuji Good enough ? f1.4 and f2.8 is usually the difference between 1600 and 6400
  3. Convenience of not changing in action
  4. Is the combined weight good for hand held all day. The package will be significantly lighter then what I was using before, which hurt my wrist after a few hours ....

The individual primes are exciting;

  1. 23mm will be my most used FL and the 23mm f1.4 appears to be excellent. I presume this is true and it’s a fast focuser
  2. The 7artisans is a bit dreamy and reminds me of 70s lenses. I think it’s a nice film like quality for portraits and is reasonably sharp at mid apertures for the occasional zoom. I hear there is some variability so perhaps I might not get a good one. Is the MF assist on the X-H1 good enough ?
  3. The Samyang is sharp and well made. At 12mm focus is not so important. When I use this FL it will be mostly interiors

What do you guys think ?

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