Are the Olympus Pro primes the finest lens being produced now ?

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Re: Are the Olympus Pro primes the finest lens being produced now ?

FingerPainter wrote:

glassoholic wrote:

Could Lenstip say "whilst this Sony lens "could have been a bit better" as in our image quality summary, and we rate it below our "decency" level, you will get better (sharper) results than the Oly kit"... and repeat in the Oly Pro lens wrap up, "whilst we say the images are sharp in our summary and it scores above our decency levels, you will get sharper results with the Sony kit"?

They could if they published direct cross-format comparisons and wanted to be truthful.

I don't believe the second part of that statement is a fair assessment of Lenstip. Out of all the reviewers doing lens testing, other than OLAF/LR, they do the best job trying to maintain some type of standard process across formats. It's just that making a true apples to apples comparison is not a simple thing to do so I don't believe they attempt to make the results comparable.

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