Charging 5DIV batteries with battery pack?

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Re: Charging 5DIV batteries with battery pack?

EAV ATL wrote:

Prepping for a 7 day wilderness trip with no access to electricity. Need a way to have enough power for my 5D IV so I can take all the photos and video I need.

Solar I’ve moved on from as too expensive and inefficient. Now looking at small battery packs.

Smallest and cheapest are USB out for phones etc, but wondering if there’s a way with an adapter etc to charge the camera batteries?

Larger and more expensive are AC out (2 prong) battery packs. Here is becomes a question of how many charges are there in a battery pack. I’m not sure how to properly calculate that and I’m sure there is some power loss in the recharge process. Looking at an 88 Wh / 24000 mAh 80 W pack.

Or do I just purchase more camera batteries? They’re small, lightweight and if I charge all up before getting on the river and I manage power, potentially the most efficient.

Thoughts and especially experience on multi day remote trips appreciated!

If you go to Amazon and search for "lp6 battery charger" you will find a number of chargers that can be powered by USB, 12V DC, or both.

Charging a battery is not 100% efficient. In terms of efficiency, you would be better off just buying multiple high capacity LP-E6 batteries. A genuine Canon LP-E6N battery is rated at 1865mAh. Some third party batteries are rated with higher capacity, and some with lower capacity.

If the camera was the only think that needed to be powered, I would consider buying a multiple third party, high capacity, LP-E6N batteries.

Do keep in mind that if you are traveling by air, you may be limited in battery capacity. The TSA limits you to Lithium batteries with 100 or 160 watt hours or less. Loose batteries and power banks are prohibited in checked luggage. The TSA limits how many large batteries you can carry, and individual airlines may have lower limits. See for more details.

Ultimately,  other constraints of your trip will play a role. Do you have weight and size constraints?  Do you have other devices that need to be recharged?  Will you have occasional access to 12V power.

I would also suggest you take another look at battery packs with solar power. $40 should get you a 25,000 mAh battery pack with 4 fold out solar panels.   If you are in a situation where you can leave them in bright sunlight during the day, then a few of those and a USB charger might be the way to go.

I would also suggest you fine tune your camera to minimize power usage. Reduce the brightness of the LCD, turn off Image Stabilization when not needed, reduce the review time for images, and shorten the power down delay.

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