Are the Olympus Pro primes the finest lens being produced now ?

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Re: Are the Olympus Pro primes the finest lens being produced now ?

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So one lens produces sharp images across the frame, and one doesn't. But the less sharp lens is sharper? Crazy world.

Ever heard of 'levelling down'. Fact remains, the Sony is sharper at the edges than the Olympus, then it gets much sharper, whilst the Olympus doesn't.

Sounds like the results you shared vary depending on sensor resolution, and doesn't account for the relative value either lens adds to the camera - which is what I'd be interested in when rating a lens.

That's a problem with almost all the lens tests. Still, it's a problem that people like to have either way, depending on whether it will suit their argument or not. When someoen producs a high MP camera, they'll say 'but there are no lenses good enough', and when a high MP camera shows their favourite lens not doing so well, then they say 'but that's down to a high resolution camera'. Roger Cicala's tests don't depend on the camera. Unfortunately he doesn't do enough to always find direct comparisons, but if you allow a 'bracket'...

Heres's the Olympus 25/1.2

Sony 35/1.8

Sony 85/1.8

Now remember, because it's going to be enlarged twice as much, to match the Olympus has to show the same or better contrast at double the resolution, that is, the Olympus orange line must be above the Sony red line, and the Olympus blue line must be above the Sony orange line. It doesn't even come close. In fact, in the centre it can't even match the absolute sharpness of the Sony.

Presumably the Sony lens inhibits what an E mount camera can resolve to a higher degree than the Olympus lens will a m43 camera.

Another 'levelling down' argument. And it's wrong to boot.

I'm just presuming based on what LensTip said about these lenses.

Lenstip's data says something different. Lenstip is not applying consistent standards. If you want people's opinions on a lens, why go to a quantitive test site?

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