Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

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Re: Which a6xxx body do you suggest?

You are angry. When you are angry, you miss out on things. I am not saying, that Sony screwed up with the OOC JPEGs of the a6400. What I am saying is that the OOC JPEGs and the Imaging Edge JPEGs don't match. They match for the a6500. The IE output has a yellowish cast - and so has the Camera Standard Profile in Light room. That makes it more difficult to work with the a6400 files than with a6500 files.

If your experience is different - great. Others may share my experience (I have seen some already). You can easily find out by comparing JPEGs from your camera with LR and IE output. Since you are using C1, it has a different ouput alltogether. So you may not have that issue.

On the other hand, Canon EOS R DPP 4.0 output and Camera OOC JPEGs match. But the LR Camera Standard Profile for the EOS R does not. So what you have been showing in your post may rather be an issue on Adobe's side to create profiles that "mimic" or match the OOC output, but don't.

So please, calm down. This is not about the a6400 being a bad camera. This is about the a6500 being a slightly better camera (for me) to work with in LR and offering better color sensitivity.

My work flow is just fine. It is either LR 6.14 (which renders the same as the latest ACR version with the smae profile), or PhotoLab 3 (where the DNG profiles can be used to show the effect), or Imaging Edge.

Since you are not using LR or Imaging Edge, you probaly have no reason to care. But I would like Sony to go back to their own Imaging Edge software and fine tune the ouput so that it does match the OOC output.

Just take an image with your a6400 in RAW&JPEG and then run the RAW through Imaging Edge. You will see the difference. Wouldn't you agree that there shouldn't be one?

Here are the OOC for the a6000, a6300, a6400, a6500 from the dpreview test scene. Doesn't seem like the photo has been replaced:

Here is the same with the photo processed in ACR:

It would be stranged if dpreview had replaced the a6400 photo with a more yellowish one.

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